1. Clean the inside surface thoroughly with mild soap and water, then let dry completely.
2. Mask off the windows (to be clear) with a low tack masking material (vinyl, tape, liquid mask, etc.)
3. Apply your any vehicle graphics using vinyl paint masks or masking tape.
4. Begin to spray 1-2 light coats of paint to the exposed area inside the body, We recommend using a hair dryer to speed up drying time between coats. (See General Instructions #6)
5. Apply your colors in thin, even coats, allowing time to dry (or speed up with hair dryer) between coats.
6. Carefully remove paint masks and repeat the process until complete.
7. Paint the darker colors first, if applying a dark color after white, the white should be backed with #40300 FASKROME Satin or similar. When using FASFLUORESCENT colors, they must be backed in FASWHITE for maximum brightness. Refer to suggested backing colors and tips for using specific types of FASKOLOR paint. (See TIPS Below)
8. As you complete spraying each color, back it up with FASKROME to prevent darker colors from darkening or changing your colors. Once complete, your paint job will take 24 hours to fully cure.
9. FASKOLOR is Fuel Residue Proof up to at least 35% Nitro. If you maintain and clean the inside of the body with water or you race in water or mud, we strongly suggest backing up your paint job with FASKOAT #40200. Spraying 2-3 coats will also help protect the paint from body post scratches, fuel, etc. It sprays thick and will dry with a milky haze (It is not 100% clear), spray water through your airbrush immediately after use and between coats (while coat is drying). Spraying FASKLEANER #40202 and/or Soapy Water to remove any FASKOAT from your airbrush when finished is also recommended. Any dried paint that is not cleaned out of your airbrush will be hard to remove. You will have to completely disassemble and soak the parts in soapy water/thinner if this happens.

TIPS: If you are new to painting clear bodies or want to practice with colors or your airbrush, cut a 2 liter type soda bottle in two, from top to bottom. Wash it out as you would a body and paint it from the inside. You can experiment with sections to see how thick you paint, what different colors do when backing your colors, etc. A good test for any color paint is to paint a stripe of the color (2-3 coats) across the center. Now draw a line in 2 place to make 3 even sections. In the first section, back it with Black, next White, Next Silver (or what ever combinations you want to test). When you look at the outside, you will see what differences these colors make your main color. For example: Red/White, Red/Black, Red/Silver. Depending on which red you used, it may change the overall appearance. Translucents are great for this, each backing color will give you either a bright (white backing), dark (black backing) or metallic (FASKROME Satin backing). This can also be done on a scrap piece of lexan from your trimmed body.

Click Here To See A Sample Of Painting A Clear RC Body.

1. Prep the surface using a fine scotchbrite pad to remove the gloss from plastic surfaces. Use fine sand paper to prep wood surfaces.
2. Spray a lacquer or enamel primer to fill in imperfections, if required. Sand with fine sandpaper and/or scotchbrite pad until satisfied.
3. Apply 1-2 light coats of FASWHITE #40000 as your base coat. Depending on the colors you have chosen for you paint scheme you may use FASBLACK #40001 as your base coat - See specific instructions for the type of FASKOLOR paint you will be painting.
4. Make sure the base coat(s) are thoroughly dry before using paint masks or masking tape, make sure it is low tack or press on your pant leg first to reduce tackiness. This will help avoid peeling up a layer of paint accidentally, take your time, it is worth the effort!
5. Apply your colors in thin, even coats, allowing time to dry (or speed up with hair dryer) between coats.
6. Remove your masks and repeat the process until complete.
7. FASKOLOR paint will dry with a flat satin finish, allow it to dry and spray with 1-2 coats of clear urethane or enamel clear (spray can or airbrush) for a glossy topcoat that can be polished if desired.

WARNING: DO NOT TOPCOAT WITH CLEAR LACQUER PAINT. NOTE: If Painting Ceramics, The Piece Must Be Fired Before Painting And Also Requires A Urethane Or Enamel Topcoat.

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